Kate Middleton Brushes Off Heckler Throughout Outing in Northern Eire

You won’t see Kate Middleton royally flushed.

While at an outing in Belfast, Ireland, the Princess of Wales shook off criticism while interacting with a heckler. In a video captured outside Carrickfergus Castle on Oct. 6, Kate, clad in baby blue, handled the uncomfortable interaction with a friendly smile.

“Nice to meet you,” the woman is seen telling Kate as they shake hands, “but it would be better if it was when you were in your own country.”

However, Kate didn’t seem to let it faze her. She gave a quick laugh and smiled before moving on to greet another gatherer outside the castle, who told her, “Welcome to Belfast.” The heckler added afterward, “Ireland belongs to the Irish,” but Kate continued on with her royal duties.

Ireland and England have had a tense relationship that traces back centuries. In a speech at Dublin Castle in 2011, the late Queen Elizabeth II addressed the rift between the nations.

Source: Eonline

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