Kate & Toby’s This Is Us Fate Made Chrissy Metz Physically Ill

In addition to being co-written by Chrissy, the March 21 episode of This Is Us is also special for Chris, as it will feature “Messiah Moon,” a song released on his debut album under the stage name Joseph the Spouse

“We were playing shows before the pandemic,” Chris explained, “and that song on the record is much different, but at the show we did the stripped-down piano version. And Dan Fogelman was there and he’s like, ‘You know, that song would be good for the show.'” 

The recorded track wasn’t nearly as acoustic, but Chris ended up producing a similar version for Dan. “He texted me like two weeks ago,” Chris said, “and he’s like, ‘We’re going to put it in the show.'”

Source: Eonline

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