Katharine McPhee Shares New Photos of Son Rennie at His Birthday Bash

Lions, tigers and babies, oh my!

Katharine McPhee Foster took guests into the wild for her son Rennie’s first birthday party. Taking the special moment to Instagram, Katharine shared snapshots from the jungle-themed bash. Rennie’s party was not one to miss with multi-colored balloon towers, wild animal statues and an extra-large play pen.

The birthday boy wore army green shorts, a striped white t-shirt and a green cargo jacket, while mommy McPhee sported a brown and white gingham set with a lion’s mane headband, proving to be perfectly on theme. 

In a birthday love letter, Katharine wrote, “Happy Birthday to our cutie baldie baby who turns 1 today! Where does the time go?”

Katharine added that of all her achievements, being a mom takes the cake, “I know you’ve heard this before but being a mommy is the greatest fricken thing in the world,” she shared. “Here are some highlights from his 1st party. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RENNIE!!!!”


Source: Eonline

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