Katie Maloney Weighs In on the Future of Vanderpump Rules

“We’re sort of moving out, getting places of our own again,” she explained. “It’s going to look and feel very different.”

But if anyone’s able to adjust to a new normal, it’s Katie. After all, she’s currently in the process of divorcing Schwartz, who she’s been with for more than 12 years. 

“I feel out of my element, in some ways,” Katie told E! News, though she’s trying to stay “cautiously optimistic.”

In fact, the Bravo personality is even ready to start dating again. Asked to describe her ideal partner, Katie cited the need for someone “with some life experience.” More specifically, someone who’s “serious about a future, serious about a family,” she said. “Someone who has priorities that are not necessarily partying or drinking. Someone who’s a little more serious than maybe I am.”

Source: Eonline

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