Katy Perry and Luke Bryan Get Cheesy In This Idol Sneak Peek

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan are a couple of cheeseballs. 

In this exclusive clip from the March 6 episode of American Idol, the two judges get passionate about something we can all agree on: queso!

In between auditions in Austin, Katy and Luke decide to collaborate on a gorgeous tune about melted cheese. Who knew dairy could make us so emotional?

With the country music maverick on keys, Katy begins to sing about the gooey goodness. “This is queso/We ain’t in El Paso,” she sings. “It’s been under the desk/And it ain’t gone hard/Just in queso you forget/I like snacks, yeah.”

The temptation becomes too much to bear, as the pop superstar unearths some queso from beneath the judges’ table and begins to chow down. 

“Melts in your mouth,” she sings. “Won’t let you down/F–k the calories/It’s the cheese!”

Maybe it’s just because we’re hungry now, but we smell a new dance anthem!

Source: Eonline

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