Kelly Clarkson to Make a Musical Comeback With New Album

Kelly Clarkson is pressing play on a new chapter.

The Kelly Clarkson Show host revealed that she is releasing a new album titled Chemistry—and that it’s coming sooner than later.

“It is officially time to tell you that I’ve been working on this project for close to three years now and I wasn’t sure I was going to release it, but I am,” Kelly shared in a video on Instagram March 26. “The album is called Chemistry.”

Explaining why she picked the one-word title for the project—her first non-holiday studio album in more than five years, The Voice coach shared that she wanted the name to encompass a multitude of emotions and experiences.

“I was trying to find a word that really described the whole thing because I didn’t want everybody to think I was just coming out with some just like, ‘I’m angry. I’m sad.’ Just one or two emotions,” The 40-year-old said. “This album is definitely the arc of an entire relationship. A whole relationship shouldn’t be just brought down to one thing. So there’s the good, the bad and the ugly kind of thing going on in it.”  

Source: Eonline

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