Kieran Culkin Proves He’s as Cheeky as His Succession Character

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards on March 27, Culkin and Smith-Cameron shared a kiss after Succession won Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series.

In a February interview with the Los Angeles Times, Culkin was asked if he liked the name Rorri as a couples’ nickname for Roman and Gerri.

“Oh, like my brother, Rory?,” he asked. “Yeah, that one is the weirdest one for me. So let’s go with Rorri.”

Culkin is, of course, real-life brothers with both Rory and Macaulay Culkin. And real-life married to Jazz Charton. The couple share two children Kinsey and Wilder. For her part, Smith-Cameron has been married to writer and director Kenneth Lonergan—who has directed Culkin in the past –for more than 20 years.

When asked about the palpable chemistry between Roman and Gerri, Culkin said it happened organically.

That’s something that sort of happened naturally,” he told the LA Times. “It just, for some reason, felt right and safe to be inappropriately flirty with general counsel. She’s been a part of the family for a long time and it’d be like, here’s a safe space. I’ll say something kind of gross and flirty and see where it lands. And it always landed well. She always kind of rolled her eyes and was like, “Oh yeah, I’m so shocked.” And it’s just fun to play.”

Source: Eonline

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