Kim Kardashian Reveals Kanye West’s Texts Criticizing Her Style

Some of Kim Kardashian‘s style choices still earn a nay from Ye, but she appears to remain unfazed.

On the latest episode of The Kardashians, which was released on Hulu Oct. 6, a seemingly amused Kim reads to her entourage what she says are text messages from her ex Kanye West, who allegedly criticized one of her looks, saying, “No white glasses.” She also quoted the Yeezy fashion designer as saying that an orange outfit she wore made him “so mad.” He allegedly told her, “I would have went to jail before I went out in that.”

“He can’t help himself,” Kim, who filed for divorce from the rap artist in 2021, says in a confessional. “We can laugh about things we like or don’t like. No matter how crazy things are sometimes, we’re always going to be family.”

But Kim notes that those fashion critiques also work both ways. On The Kardashians, she says, “I’ll text him back and be like, ‘You know, you have been wearing those boots for a long time, so when you’re ready to change your outfit, let me know, and then you can have advice on mine.'”

Source: Eonline

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