Kristen Bell Reveals Her Daughters’ Relatable Thoughts About Target

Kristen Bell‘s daughters really hit the bullseye with this one.

In an exclusive new interview with E! News, the actress admitted that her daughters Lincoln and Delta love taking trips to Target and one of them even wanted to “spend the night” in the store.

“There’s a Target very close to us,” Kristen said of her two kids, who she shares with husband Dax Shepard. “They love it more than life itself.”

Kristen explained how life during the pandemic only fueled her younger daughter’s love of the store.

“They are not a generation that grew up with malls. They’ve been in a pandemic for three years,” she said. “So, one time when my 7 year old was 5 and a half, we had gone and we masked up and we went to the Target. She left crying because she realized she couldn’t sleep there.” Same, Delta. Same.

Source: Eonline

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