Kyle Richards Accuses Erika Jayne’s Workforce of Leaking Kathy Hilton Story

Alliances appear to be shifting in the 90210.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Oct. 5 season 12 finale ended with a bang as Kyle Richards revealed who she believes allegedly leaked stories about sister Kathy Hilton‘s Aspen “meltdown” to the media right after their cast trip.

Talking to Dorit Kemsley during a charity party, Kyle pondered, “You don’t think it’s weird that at every event, every detail is being leaked to the press?”

Dorit replied, “Yes, I do think it’s weird. Do you think it’s somebody in this group?” to which Kyle responded, “100 percent.”

Kyle explained in a confessional, “First, there were leaks in Aspen. Then I heard from a very, very reliable source that there were other leaks that never made it to publication. I was told who the leak was and it’s in this group.”

Kyle added to Dorit, “Someone wants my sister to look bad so they that don’t look as bad.”

Sutton Stracke decided to confront Kathy’s biggest critics—Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne—on Kyle’s behalf. “Point blank,” Sutton said before asking, “did either one of you leak to the press any of this information about Kathy?”

Source: Eonline