Lady Gaga Cries As Halle Berry Stands Up For Women In Critics’ Choice Awards Speech

Halle Berry moved Lady Gaga to tears during her Critics’ Choice Awards #SeeHer acceptance speech. Halle told the crowd she was proud to be ‘living in this moment’ where women are telling their stories.

Halle Berry, 55, was honored with the #SeeHer award during the Critics’ Choice Awards on March 14, and her passionate speech made Lady Gaga, 35, cry. The camera panned to Lady Gaga several times during Halle’s speech. Lady Gaga was visibly moved with tears in her eyes.

Lady Gaga cries during Halle Berry’s acceptance speech. (TBS)

“I’ve been in the business for 30 years, and I used to think that if I could play the part of a white man, then I was winning. But you know what, wanna know why that didn’t work? Because, if you didn’t know, I’m not a white man,” Halle said during her speech. “So, for those roles to work, they would have to be substantially changed. It would have to be written with the reality of my journey, in all of its beauty and all of its pain.” She added, “This is why I am so grateful to be standing and living in this moment where women are standing up and we are telling our own stories.”

Halle continued, “We will use our emotional intelligence and we will tell stories that don’t fit preconceived notions. No, we will tell stories that see us fully in all our multitudes and contradictions. Because we are confident and we are scared. We are vulnerable and we are strong. … We are everything and all of that and all at the same time!”

Halle attended the 2022 Critics’ Choice Awards with boyfriend Van Hunt. He looked up at Halle lovingly as she made her heartfelt acceptance speech. The couple sweetly held hands on the red carpet.

Halle Berry
Halle Berry accepting her #SeeHer award at the Critics’ Choice Awards. (embed2 – Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

Lady Gaga was in London with many other stars during the Critics’ Choice Awards, which took place in Los Angeles. Gaga was sitting amongst stars like West Side Story’s Ariana DeBose and CODA’s Troy Kotsur when they won their awards. Lady Gaga looked stunning in a black and gold Gucci dress with a plunging neckline and open bra. Earlier in the day, Gaga wowed on the BAFTAs red carpet in a gorgeous emerald green gown.

Source: Hollywood Life

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