Lala Kent’s Amazon Prime Sale Picks Are “Cute, Sizzling, and Cozy”

E!: With the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, I know you have a lot of fashion picks. Are there other categories you’re looking forward to shopping too?
LK: I go all across the board. I’m so excited for this Prime Early Access Sale. I shop for a lot of my skincare on Amazon. Most people think I go and spend hundreds of dollars on skincare and I’m telling you, just shop at Amazon. I stick to the OG brands. You don’t have to break the bank and they work. I’m excited for the fashion, skincare, and all of the rest. We’re hitting all categories here.

E!: You’ve given us such a wide range of looks. How would you describe your style?
LK: I don’t even know. In one moment, I have a bandana on my head with an oversized t-shirt and sweatpants with sneakers. Then, the next day, I’m in some freaking pantsuit with a kitten hill pump going on. Like who am I? So, I think I’m just all across the board. I wear what I feel cute and comfortable in. I try not to box myself in. I don’t really go with the trends that I see on Instagram. I go with clothes that make me feel super cute, hot, and cozy. It has to be all of those categories.

E!: Are you more of an impulse shopper or an overthinker with a full Amazon cart? 
LK: Sometimes, I buy something right away. Other times. I feel like I have such a full cart and I need to take it down a notch. I feel like I visit Amazon 12 times a day.

It’s a real addiction. Whether I need tweezers or I’m looking for lingerie, I just shop Amazon. It’s so easy to shop there. You can look at all the reviews. Amazon makes my life so easy.

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Source: Eonline