Lisa Ann Walter Reacts to TikTok’s Love for Chessy

Lisa Ann Walter is embracing her role as a fashion trend setter.

During an exclusive interview with E! News, the actress, who stars in the hit ABC comedy Abbott Elementary, revealed how she felt after learning her character Chessy, from the 1998 comedy The Parent Trap, had become a Gen Z fashion esthetic on TikTok. “I think it’s lovely, it never gets old,” she shared. “When I was wearing the wardrobe at the time, I’m like ‘Really? A big shirt that covers my waist? My pants that are right at my ankle? OK, Nancy, I’ll wear whatever you want me to wear’.”

Chessy, who was the live-in nanny for Nick Parker’s (Dennis Quaid) daughter Hallie Parker (Lindsay Lohan), routinely dressed in baggy pants, a loose fitting t-shirt and an oversize jean jacket.

“But it works,” Lisa’s Abbott Elementary co-star Sheryl Lee Ralph chimed in. Lisa agreed, noting, “It’s comfortable and I think your generation, the younger generations are so much smarter, in a way, then we are.” 

She continued, “They’re like, ‘I’m not shoving my pigs in little pointy shoes with big heels. I’m going to be in comfortable shoes and like a floppy shirt and some comfy chino pants.”

Source: Eonline