Lizzie McGuire’s Clayton Snyder Is Still Just as Dreamy as Ever

While producers were initially unsure if the character would even make it into the final script, Ethan made his debut in episode two, “Picture Day,” Snyder explaining, “After that, they were like, ‘This guy is kind of fun and we’ll bring him back for one more,’ and then it turned into a recurring role.”

Eventually, Ethan evolved into the show’s heartthrob, a transition Snyder did not see coming. 

“Well, I noticed that the other love interest was gone first,” he said with a laugh about the abrupt disappearance of Danny Kessler (played by Byron Fox). “I was like, ‘Wait, where did he go? He’s not here anymore. We used to hang out!’ I don’t know the reason for all of that, but I did notice a shift and I went from being dumb and mean to dumb and very friendly, which was kind of just lovable puppy dog guy who was just very fun to play.”

Source: Eonline

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