Lori Harvey Shares Her Relationship “Pink Flag” After Michael B. Jordan Cut up

Michael B. Jordan ERASES Lori Harvey From His Instagram

Lori Harvey is a woman who knows what she wants.

The model, who broke up with Michael B. Jordan earlier this year, got candid about her approach to dating during a conversation with longtime friend Teyana Taylor. While appearing on the latest installment of the YouTube series Bumble Presents Luv2SeeIt with Teyana Taylor, the 25-year-old shared some of the things she avoids when it comes to finding a partner.

“If you are too close to your exes, that’s a red flag,” she said. “Cordial? OK.”

However, Lori noted that having bad blood with an ex is also a red flag itself. “I don’t want y’all to have beef either,” she continued, “because that gets messy.”

As for a green flag she does look for, Lori shared she appreciates “transparency” in a partner. After all, it admittedly took her a while to learn how to openly communicate in a relationship. “I was actually a horrible communicator,” she confessed. “I just didn’t realize that it was that bad, but I learned. It’s something that I’ve been actively working on.”

Source: Eonline

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