‘Love After Lockup’ Preview: Chazz Waits For Branwin Outside Prison With Her Ex

Chazz is so excited for Branwin to get out of prison, but his moment is spoiled in this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Love After Lockup’ when her ex-boyfriend shows up.

Chazz is ready for the next chapter of his life with Branwin now that she’s getting out of prison. However, he’s definitely nervous about what a real relationship is going to be like for him and Branwin. “Switching from phone calls to real-life conversations is incredibly intimidating and making me a bit anxious,” Chazz admits in this EXCLUSIVE preview of Love After Lockup.

He talks to Branwin on the phone, who is set to be released any minute now. While he’s waiting outside of the prison, he sees some parents going to visit their daughter. He gladly tells them that he’s marrying Branwin today.

Chazz awaits Branwin’s release from prison. (WE tv)

A car pulls up with Branwin’s friend, Jessica. They served time in prison together. Jessica has brought along her daughter and Branwin’s ex, Aaron. Needless to say, Chazz is not thrilled about sharing this moment with Branwin’s ex-boyfriend.

“This is the same jerk who took away two years of Branwin’s life because he was a greedy a**hole,” Chazz says. Jessica explains that Aaron is coming to pay his respects to Branwin, but that doesn’t mean Chazz is happy about it.

Chazz previously told his bandmates that he was going to be out of town because he had to pick Branwin up from prison. Chazz and Branwin met through an online dating site called Paper Dolls where inmates can post. Chazz thought he was being catfished until he did a video chat with Branwin from prison. Prior to her getting out of prison, Chazz and Branwin have only seen each other in person once.

Chazz meets Branwin’s ex-boyfriend. (WE tv)

The synopsis for the April 8 episode reads, “Indie’s date with Harry takes a shocking turn. Chazz is bummed when Branwin’s ex shows up to her release. Kevin’s torn between Tiffany and Kayla. Rick and Raydean are at odds over her prison girlfriend. Antoine’s mom sours his reunion with Lacey.” Love After Lockup airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

Source: Hollywood Life

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