Love Is Blind’s Shaina Hurley Explains Viral Squint at Reunion

On Netflix’s Love Is Blind‘s season two reunion, something curious caught viewers’ eyes…Shaina Hurley‘s.

The reality star kept squinting throughout the March 4 episode, which sparked memes on social media, including one shared by the show’s official accounts. Shaina also posted a few on her Instagram Story and also took the opportunity to clear things up.

“I wear contacts, OK?” she said. “I’ve been squinting ever since I can remember. I’m always getting yelled at, like, ‘Stop squinting! You’re going to get wrinkles.’ That’s why I probably have wrinkles.”

She continued, “Every time I go to the eye doctor, they tell me that I don’t have an astigmatism. And I’m like, ‘I think I have an astigmatism, or my eyes are getting worse.’ And my contacts have been the same.”

Shaina said her eye prescription is “like -5.25.”

“I am blind, basically,” she added, before smiling and saying, “Love is blind.”

Source: Eonline

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