‘Love Is Blind’s Shake Chatterjee Blasts ‘Biased’ Host Nick Lachey After Dramatic Reunion

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 may be over, but Shake Chatterjee isn’t done making waves as he called out Nick Lachey for his comment about why Shake became a veternarian.

Love Is Blind star Shake Chatterjee was quite vocal during the reunion and it seems he still hasn’t finished saying his piece. He went head-to-head with nearly every contestant at the reunion and even the show’s hosts Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey. After the two called him out for missing the point of the show during the dramatic reunion, he clapped back at Nick in a since-deleted Instagram post on Monday, March 7.

Shake Chatterjee starred on ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2. (Ser Baffo/Netflix)

“You put a doctor on the show… of course you were going to see some critical thinking,” he wrote of his candid nature. “Speaking of which, @nicklachey you’re a massive twat for your comment dragging vets. You do realize that becoming a veterinarian considerably more difficult than becoming a human doc right?” Shake’s comment directly addresses Nick’s reunion diss where he claimed Shake became a veterinarian rather than a doctor because he didn’t know how to deal with people.

“Also consider learning how to be an impartial host before the season 3 reunion airs,” he continued. “Sorry I didn’t play along with your narrative like the rest of these puppets. Say hi to @vanessalachey for me.” Shake faced a ton of backlash for his attitude on the show. When the contestants first started chatting in the pods, even though they couldn’t see each other, Shake found a way to beat the system by asking women what size clothing they were or if he could hold them on his shoulders at a music festival.

He seemed to see the error in his superficial ways partway into the season but that all changed when he started making disparaging comments he made about his partner Deepti Vempati’s appearance behind her back. He argued that physical connection should be a factor when dating and while that’s a fair point, Vanessa argued he probably shouldn’t have gone on a show where contestants get engaged sight unseen.

Shake Chatterjee
Nick Lachey hosts ‘Love Is Blind.’ (Ser Baffo/Netflix)

Shake and Deepti were one of the couples who got engaged on the show. Even though the two seemed smitten with each other when they first left the pods, Shake noticed the two didn’t have much of a physical connection. When talking to his castmates, he said being with Deepti felt like being with his aunt among other uncomfortable comments. Ultimately, Deepti was the one who said “I don’t” on their wedding day and after hearing the comments he made about her, it seems she feels she made the right call.

Source: Hollywood Life