Lucy Liu Took Nude Photographs of Drew Barrymore On Charlies Angels

Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore‘s friendship is picture perfect.

In fact, the two bonded so closely during the filming of Charlie’s Angels that the Kill Bill actress forever captured her co-star’s beauty in a series of nude portraits.

The only problem? Drew can’t seem to find the photos more than two decades after they shot the movie.

As she told Lucy in a March 21 episode of the Drew Barrymore Show, “I was trying to find the nude photographs you took of me on the set of Charlie’s in my dressing room.” Adding that she did a “mad scramble” to look for them, Lucy then revealed that she’s had the snapshots all along.

“You do?” Drew asked her, with Lucy replying, “I do, of course.”

Lucy then told Drew that she looks “gorgeous, as you still do” in the photographs, and that the images captured a bright part of her personality.

Source: Eonline

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