Martha Stewart Mourns Deaths of Her Peacocks After Coyotes Attack

Martha Stewart is devastated by the the loss of her beloved peacocks.

The lifestyle guru, 80, took to social media to share that her “beautiful BlueBoy” and other pet birds were brutally killed by coyotes.

“The coyotes came in broad daylight and devoured him and five others including the magnificent White Boy,” she wrote on Instagram on July 23, along with a video of the peacock displaying his dazzling feathers. “Any solutions for getting rid of six large and aggressive coyotes who have expensive tastes when it comes to poultry??”

Taking precautions, Martha shared that she is no longer allowing her peafowl out of their yard and would be enclosing the top of their large yard with wire fencing.

A bonafide animal lover, Martha has had a menagerie of pets over the years. The Martha Knows Best host has had several dogs including Chow Chows named Genghis Kahn, Chin Chin, Paw PawMax, Empress Qin, Emperor Han and Zu Zu and French bulldogs Francesca, Sharkey, Bete Noire and Creme Brûlée, according to her website. She’s also had many cats over the years, from her first cat, Chiggi—who was adopted from a shelter—to Himalayans Vivaldi and Verdi. She also has cats named Uncle Vanya, Weeny, Teeny and New Kitty.

Source: Eonline

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