Martina McBride’s Kids: All About Her 3 Children

Meet all three of the country star’s daughters, whom she shares with her husband of over 30 years, John McBride.

Martina McBride, 55, has been a country music mainstay for 30 years. After releasing her debut album The Time Has Come in 1992, the singer has remained one of the biggest names in the country music world, releasing 14 albums. She’s been nominated for tons of Grammys (although she’s never won). She was won a number of CMA awards throughout her career. Through her career, she’s always had her husband John McBride (who she got her stage name from) by her side.

Martina and John have three daughters, and she’s made it clear that they come before everything, including her career. “I felt like it was important for me to try to keep things as sane and normal as possible for the kids, so I turned down a lot: TV opportunities and touring overseas for extended periods of time. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” she told People in an October 2021 interview. Find out more about all three girls here!

Martina and John pose with their three daughters Delaney, Emma, and Ava at the 2009 premiere of ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie.’ (Sipa/Shutterstock)

Delaney Katherine McBride

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Martina’s eldest daughter Delaney, 27, was born in December 1994. While it seems like Martina’s daughters have mostly been kept out of the spotlight, the singer does tend to celebrate her daughters’ accolades on social media, and she regularly shares birthday messages for her girls. The “Concrete Angel” singer celebrated Delaney getting “top notch” grades and graduating from a massage therapy program in a 2018 Instagram post. Having great grades should come as no surprise, since Martina clearly values hard work. She admitted that she and her husband tend to have their daughters work to earn money and other things they want. “My husband John and I grew up the same way, where you work for what you get,” she told People. “So we raised them that way.”

In her 27th birthday message, Martina spoke about how special her eldest daughter is to her. “You came into my life and changed it forever for the better. You are a bright light in our lives and in the lives of everyone who knows you. Kind, smart, capable, talented, and soooo funny,” she wrote.

Emma Justine McBride

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Martina’s middle daughter Emma, 24, arrived in March 1998. Like her mama, Emma might also pursue a career in entertainment. Martina revealed that she was living in New York City and chasing her dreams in an April 2020 Instagram post. Emma made her acting debut in 2022, as one of the stars of the short film A Shared Moment of Loneliness, per IMDb. Like her big sister, Emma also gets a yearly birthday wish from her mom, and the singer showed how happy she’s been to see her daughter grow up in a March 2021 Instagram post. “While I wish you were little again sometimes and I could scoop you up in my arms or read you a book, or watch you walk around in dress up clothes and your “tappy shoes”, I’m proud of the life you are building and the woman you are becoming,” she wrote.

Ava Rose Kathleen McBride

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Martina’s youngest daughter Ava, 16,  was born in June 2005. Of her three girls, Ava has been kept the most private, probably because she’s only a teen. Even though she doesn’t post Ava too much on social media, she’ll occasionally share group shots of herself and all three of the girls. Still, Martina gushed about her youngest daughter, saying she was an “old soul” in a June 2020 Instagram post. “Wise beyond her years she has always kept us intrigued trying to figure out who she is,” Martina wrote. “She is Ava and I’ve never met anyone so sure of who she is and what she stands for. I love the fact that she is so wise and stands for what she believes to be true, but it makes me happy that I can still can see an innocence in there as well. I’m so proud of her.”



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