Meet Joe Goldberg’s New Alter-Ego for You Season 4

Joe Goldberg is ready for a rebrand—again. 

In the first look of Netflix’s You season 4, viewers see that Joe (played by Penn Badgley) is ready to debut a new alter ego—and an impressive beard.

This, of course, is typical for the murderous character, who has reinvented himself in every season of You so far. So, what can we expect this time around?

The teaser starts off with Joe uttering those familiar words, “Hello, You”, before proclaiming, “I’m not the lovable bookstore manager in New York or the shop clerk in LA or the dotting husband in the suburbs, not anymore.” 

He continues, “Allow me to reintroduce myself.”

Wearing a sharp suit, the stalker, who is now going by Professor Jonathan Moore, says, “I’ve gone through a bit of a finement upon crossing the pond, and living in London had allowed me to bury the past if you will.”

Speaking of his rather complex love life, he adds, “gone are the days of unrequited love and longing,” while declaring he is rather “focusing on academia and instruction while keeping my super cool extracurricular activities strictly professional.”

We see each cast member in the promo looking equally as chic, as we see their character names across the screen one by one, including Marienne, Nadia, Rhys, Phoebe, Adam, Simon, Sophie, Gemma, Blessing and Connie. 

Source: Eonline

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