Meet the Players of The Circle Season 4

The Circle is back and a little sabotage has never looked so good.

Nine new contestants are set to play the game, where mistaken identities and knives in the back are all just part of the festivities. 

In the season four trailer, Netflix promised the “spiciest season ever.” That’s really saying something given some of the insane twists and turns we’ve seen on The Circle before.

“We’re back, baby,” host Michelle Buteau says in the trailer. “This is the ultimate game of social media where players can choose to play themselves or catfish as someone completely new.” 

Whoever does the best job of convincing the other contestants about their identity—or does the best job lying—takes home a grand prize of $150,000. Hey, who’s above a few little white lies for that much cold, hard cash?

“Not only am I buying us a house,” a player says in the trailer, “we’re getting a pool, too!” 

The Circle is changing lives, people!

Source: Eonline

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