Meghan Trainor Says Nurses Implied Her Meds Led to Son’s NICU Keep

Meghan Trainor is opening up about the negativity she endured in the hospital after her son’s 2021 birth.

The “All About That Bass” singer—who shares son Riley, 19 months, with husband Daryl Sabara—recently shared that after her son was admitted into the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) after a last-minute C-section, the nurses implied that her medication was to blame for his brief stay. 

“They kept asking me if I was on antidepressants during the pregnancy, and I was, but on the lowest dose possible, and all my doctors said it was safe and wouldn’t affect him,” she explained during a Sept. 21 interview with Romper. “It was really f–ked up.”

Meghan said the medical staff did not know what was wrong with her son, but he struggled to wake up. 

“They had no name for what was wrong,” she continued. “He just wouldn’t wake up. They said, ‘It’s really up to Riley when he wants to wake up.’ I’d be like Really? Can’t you just zap him and get him up?'”

Source: Eonline

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