Michael Keaton Delivers Emotional Tribute to His Nephew at SAG Awards

Earlier in Keaton’s speech, he spoke about the power of a project like Dopesick and the awareness it can bring to issues such as addiction.

“I have a job where I can be part of a production that actually can spawn thought, conversation, actual change,” Keaton said. “Who gets to have that job? Seriously? How fortunate am I that good can come from something I do just because I learn to become an actor? There’s massive inequity in the world. In Dopesick, when you talk about addiction, the way to heal the problem is to accept that you have a problem. Not our country. The entire world. Economically, racially, socially, financially. There’s massive inequity in the world. There just is. There’s fair, and there’s unfair. There’s not a lot of room in between.”

Source: Eonline

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