Mikayla Nogueira Helps Fiancé Cody as He Shares Sobriety Journey

Cody sharing his story comes just a few weeks after his fiancée spoke about it—with his permission—in a July 22 TikTok.

“After many many years of struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, Cody hit a rock-bottom and he was homeless,” Mikayla said. “All he had was a really old beaten down truck that he had bought with a couple thousand dollars and he began living in it. All he would do every day is drink bottles and bottles of alcohol and take drugs until he could feel numb.” 

And as Cody lives a sober life following treatment, Mikayla added, they continue to “work on his sobriety every singe day” as a team and partners.

As for the truck Cody used to live in, Mikayla said he sold it to buy her engagement ring. “The most important thing to him, that truck, it transferred over to me,” she said. “I became the most important thing in his life….Just the fact that someone would do that for me, it blows my mind. And to this day, Cody continues to show me every single day why he made that decision, why he loves me and how excited he is about the future with me.”

Source: Eonline

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