Miranda Kerr’s Budget-Friendly Tips To Teach Kids About Sustainability

E!: It sounds like the common thread here is to really just keep the conversation going at all times, so the kids understand what you’re doing and why.
MK: Yes, they are very curious. They understand and want to learn more. For example, the children get gifts on their birthdays and other milestones, toys they might not necessarily choose themselves. In that situation, we will talk about keeping the toys or donating to someone else they don’t go to waste. I want them to understand why donating toys is a good move to make because they will be used by kids who appreciate them.

When I do buy toys for the kids, I like to get wooden toys, or other options that are more sustainable.

E!: Yes, that’s so important.
MK: If any of their old clothing is really badly soiled or stained, we cut it off and we can use it as a rag to clean the house. This is another way to have a multi-purpose item.

Source: Eonline

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