Nick Cannon Reveals Where He Really Stands With Mariah Carey

Instead of settling down with one woman, the comedian said his “trajectory in life” is to focus on being “the best father I can be.” He also said he tells those he’s interested in dating that he does not want to be monogamous.

“I don’t feel like monogamy is healthy,” he shared. “I feel like that gets into the space of selfishness and ownership.”

Nick also isn’t really seeking new romances, though he confessed that “it happens.”

“I don’t have the bandwidth for it anymore though,” he explained, “because I feel like I do owe all the women that are currently in my life … at least as much energy, time and effort as I possibly could—and specifically my kids more than anything.”

Even though his take on romance is a bit unconventional, the Drumline alum added, “I’m enjoying life. I’m happy, I’m healthy.”

Source: Eonline

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