Noah Cyrus Is On Fire Rocking A Red Lace Gown In ‘I Burned LA Down’ Video: Watch

The weather is starting to get warmer, but Noah Cyrus is already feeling the blistering heat of betrayal in her gorgeous video for her new song, the heart-wrenching, pyromania ballad, ‘I Burned LA Down.’

After sparking flames in the hearts of her fans by performing “I Burned LA Down” live, Noah Cyrus gave the song an official release on Friday – and a visually stunning video to boot. Noah, 22, gave what many hope will be the first taste of her new album with this song, a twangy-pop breakup ballad that showcased her stunning voice. The video accompanying it was also a feast for the eyes.

The young star wore numerous looks for the piece, including a long black dress and red lace dress and face mask as she sang among a burning house. She also wore a white wedding dress-like gown while riding a white horse, punctuating the look with a black chest piece, black elbow-length gloves, and black boots as she crooned about a particular heartache.

“I Burned Down” is likely the first single from Noah’s upcoming album. At the start of the year, she tweeted out an update on the project. “The album is DONE and off to mastering…I swear!!” She also included a short snippet of a song. The previewed track featured that dark and emotive, singer-songwriter, country-inspired sound —  in the same country as Kacey Musgraves and Orville Peck – that Noah’s becoming known for.

Noah kicked off 2022 by performing Dolly Parton’s “Jolene’ with her sister, Miley Cyrus, at Miley’s New Year’s Eve Bash. “First of all, Miley’s been singing that for years and she did the 25th anniversary, and we filmed that at Dollywood years ago,” Dolly told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “And then Noah is a fantastic singer. And I just think the two of them together are just incredible.”

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“Noah’s been having a lot of good success of her own,” Dolly told HollywoodLife, proud of the younger singer and how she’s forged her own path. “[I think] they’re all so talented, Billy and his kids. I just think they’re both great, so I was real honored that they still take the time to sing my song.”

At age 22, Noah is building up quite the discography. In 2020, she released The End of Everything, her first major project since 2018’s Good Cry. The 2020 EP saw Noah “dive deep into her own personal struggles, but The End of Everything is more of a bright new beginning,” according to American Songwriter’s review of the project. The songs saw Noah open up about her battles with mental health, and the adoption of darker themes to express her unique perspective.

In 2021, Noah teamed with Australian singer-songwriter PJ Harding to release the People Don’t Change EP. “When I met PJ I immediately appreciated the way we wrote and that was my favorite song I had really ever written at the time,” she told Forbes. “I say at the time because since then PJ and I have written so many songs. I know a lot of people may think, “How can you beat ‘July,’ because that was a certified hit? It’s hard to beat ‘July.’” But I think for PJ and I we make songs that are just as good and just as well thought out and poetic as “July.” And I actually think that since “July” PJ and I have only gotten stronger.”

Source: Hollywood Life

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