Only Murders in the Building Hints At Season 2 Premiere Date

Put on your sleuthing hat, we’ve got an Only Murders In The Building mystery on our hands.

On March 24, Hulu posted a photo of elevator buttons on the Instagram account for their hit dark comedy. In the photo, floors two, six and eight are lit up and an eye-brow raising caption is featured: “What do we have here?”

So, what do we have here?!

We already know that the hit show—starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez—has been renewed for season two. So, we can probably deduce that the announcement is about a premiere date.

The biggest question, we think, is whether the two refers to season two or if it’s part of the premiere date. 

For instance, it could be as simple as season two on June 8 (a.k.a 6/8), meaning the second season would start on that date. Or, if the number is part of the date, the season might premiere on June 28 (a.k.a 6/28). The first season of the show premiered on Tuesdays, so we’re ruling out other combinations. 

We need Steve, Martin and Selena to help us. We didn’t know there would be math involved!

Source: Eonline

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