Pachinko Stars Explain Why Their Drama Is For Everyone

A captivating period drama is about to hit a major streaming service on March 25. No, we aren’t talking about Bridgerton.

Instead, we’re referring to Apple TV+’s adaptation of the best-selling novel Pachinko, which is set to premiere in less than 24 hours. The drama chronicles four generations of a Korean immigrant family, with Oscar winner Youn Yuh-JungMinha Kim and Yu-na Jeon playing different versions of the protagonist, Sunja. The trailer, released in February, promised an “epic family saga,” which includes heartbreak, prejudice and perseverance. 

Intrigued? Just wait until you hear what Minha and co-star Lee Minho had to say about this sweeping saga.

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Minha revealed she’s “really excited to tell this beautiful story to the world,” adding that though this is a historical drama—depicting Japan’s annexation of Korea in the 1910s—it tells a highly personal story that will resonate with all viewers.

Source: Eonline

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