Paedon Reveals What It Was Like Growing Up With Kody Brown as a Dad

How much time do you get with your father when you’re one of 18 children?

Apparently, not a lot. It’s no secret 23-year-old Paedon Brown had an unconventional upbringing, and in an interview on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, Kody Brown‘s son opened up about what it was like growing up as part of a polygamist family with Kody as the patriarch.

The Sister Wives‘ star has been a regular on the series since its premiere in 2010 and is the son of Christine, who recently announced her split from Kody back in November.

When host Kate Casey asked Paedon if Kody was able to share his time evenly with the kids, he said that he doesn’t “think so.”

“He mainly tried to focus on the younger kids,” he explained, “when there’s another one born. I don’t want to say, favorite is the wrong word, but favorite is the best example I can give. With a new child he needed to protect.”

Source: Eonline

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