Pregnant Rihanna Says She’ll Be “Psycho” About Protecting Her Baby

Being unapologetic is more than just an album title for Rihanna.

The 34-year-old singer—who is currently expecting her first child with A$AP Rocky—made that perfectly clear when she opened up about the need to protect her baby in a recent interview with Elle. And while Rihanna’s instinctive nature is something that may be expected—surprisingly, it’s actually a few moms from the Real Housewives franchise that she can relate to the most.

Noting that someone like “Teresa [Giudice] from Jersey [RHONJ] does not play about her kids,” Rihanna told the outlet, “She will flatten you about those kids. And that resonates with me a lot because I feel like that’s the type of mom I’m going to be. Psycho about it.”

And when the publication asked if she would follow in Teresa’s infamous move of “flipping a table,” the singer added, “Worse. You talk about my kids, it’s over.”

The Barbados native, who revealed she is currently in her third trimester, also got candid about her pregnancy glow and a little glow from her Fenty Beauty line working hand-in-hand to achieve such stunning results.

Source: Eonline

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