Prime Day: Save $57 on Therapeutic massage Remedy Gun With 9,500+ 5-Star Evaluations

If you’re on the fence about shopping, check out these rave reviews from happy Amazon shoppers.

Aerlang Massage Gun Reviews

An Amazon shopper raved, “I love this product so much. I use to work at a gym where personal trainers used named brand Theragun & Hypervolt Massagers & this is JUST AS GOOD for considerably less the price. The battery life has been great. This product helps reduce my back pain a ton… I use it on the muscle on the sides of my back along my spine and it reduces my pain a lot. My partner also loves this on his back and it has given us something to bond over. We are not huge fans of long, drawn out massages & this gives us something to help each other’s pain management and takes only 5-10 minutes. It’s been truly great. I absolutely recommend couples get this – especially if you’re not a fan of giving massages LOL!”

Another explained, “We buy a lot of products from Amazon, but buying this Aerlang massage gun is probably best purchase! I’d been eyeing the high dollar $500 name brand gun for about a year and ready to pull the trigger on it, until my wife heard about the Aerlang device. I’ll be honest, although I read the many positive reviews, I was extremely skeptical, because I’m a firm believer that you pay for what you get… The device itself is really well made and does not look or feel cheap. It feels very similar to the much more expensive devices. When testing it, I purposely pressed hard to see how much pressure I could apply to stop the motor. Surprisingly it didn’t stop! I HIGHLY recommend this device! I’ll be buying one for my parents and brother. You won’t be disappointed by ordering this Aerlang!”

Someone else reviewed, “I wanted something that could get those nasty shoulder knots out and this does do the trick… Overall, I really feel that the price was so reasonable and I have used this often. Working from home has caused me to sit for longer periods of time and my neck and shoulders have suffered. This seems to help loosen up the kinks.”

“This device is some of the best money I’ve spent in a while. I’ve actually been debating on which one of these brands to buy for a while, comparing prices and modalities. I decided to give this Aerlang a shot because the price was so reasonable. I have a friend who has purchased one through a chiropractor that was a lot more expensive but really feels the same massage wise-it’s also not as heavy, which I prefer. This can create a lot of pressure. Great for tired legs, sore feet, releasing shoulder, hip and back pain, you name it. The battery life is pretty good,” an Amazon customer wrote.

A happy shopper explained, “A friend had a very expensive ($300) version of this and i tried it on my always aching back and neck. It worked incredibly. I was sad that it was so expensive. Looked on amazon and after some research found this and gave it a try. INCREDIBLE RELIEF!! Not a day goes by where i don’t use this. I prefer the large ball but have tried them all and they have their places. The charge holds forever! Haven’t recharged since i bought 3 weeks ago. I highly recommend this for anyone with back pain or pain anywhere really. Excellent product!”

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