Rachel Bloom is Bringing Her Matchmaking Skills to iCarly

Everybody’s favorite crazy ex-girlfriend is doling out some relationship advice!

Rachel Bloom, former star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, plays McKenna, a self-promoting matchmaker, in the April 29 episode of iCarly streaming on Paramount+.

McKenna is hired by Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) to help her brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor) in the love department. Carly is concerned that their bond has gotten in the way of Spencer putting himself out there—and McKenna agrees.

“As long as you two are enmeshed, Spencer will never have a meaningful relationship with a woman,” McKenna argues. “Trust me, I wrote the rules. Which you can hear on Trust Me, I Wrote The Rules, available wherever you get your podcasts.”

Carly’s plan takes a turn, however, when Spencer begins to fall for McKenna. But he rejects the idea that Carly has stood in the way of his romantic endeavors. 

“You may be a gorgeous, wealthy, best-selling author and TV personality with a beautiful smile and illustrious hair,” he tells McKenna. “But you’re wrong. Maybe I haven’t had a meaningful romantic relationship, but I raised the best woman I know: my sister.”

Source: Eonline

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