Raven-Symoné Discusses Cheetah-licious Reunion on Raven’s Home

You gotta strut like you mean it…all the way to the TV.

Before Raven’s Home season five premieres March 11 on Disney Channel, Raven-Symoné chatted exclusively with E! News about what it was like reuniting with her fellow Cheetah Girls co-star Adrienne Bailon-Houghton on the series and how she got involved in the project.

“The writers came to me,” Raven said, “and I think we had already done like the first episode and they were like, ‘Are you friends with Adrienne?’ And I was like, ‘Adrienne? Are you talking about Choo-Chi? My Choo-Chi? Of course!'”

And the rest is history! “Then the next thing I know she is the principal of Bayside High and killing the game,” she continued.

We last saw the duo onscreen together in 2006, when they starred as Galleria (Symoné) and Chanel (Bailon) in The Cheetah Girls 2, and for Raven, reuniting was a blast.

“She is so funny,” Raven added, “so professional, we have such a good time when she’s there and she’s down for the cause.”

Source: Eonline

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