‘RHONJ’ Recap: Jennifer Aydin Starts ‘Questioning’ Her Marriage Amid Affair Drama — I’m ‘Suffering’

Jennifer Aydin’s marital issues mounted during the March 15 episode of ‘RHONJ’. Plus, Luis Ruelas reveled a dark secret about his past.

Jennifer Aydin was left alienated from the group during the March 15 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, after her husband, Bill, lashed out at the husbands during a boys’ night out. Jackie Goldschneider‘s husband Evan had gone after Bill for his wife’s behavior — Jennifer had previously tried proving Evan cheated on Jackie — and Bill didn’t like the way Evan was speaking about Jennifer, so he left the boys’ event rather abruptly.

And it was during this event that Teresa Giudice‘s now-fiance Luis Ruelas claimed that his ex one stabbed her partner with a butcher knife. At least that’s what he said when the guys asked him about a report that was circulating, which claimed Luis cheated on the ex. He was basically saying his ex was crazy and no one should believe anything she says.

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Anyway, after the boys’ night out, Jennifer thanked Bill for defending her. But when it came to talking about their marital issues, he wanted nothing to do with it. In fact, when she suggested that they go to therapy to try and deal with the fallout from his affair being revealed to the world, he said he wasn’t interested. According to Jennifer, Bill felt it might cause them to reveal too much to each other, and it could be like “opening Pandora’s box”.

Later, Margaret Josephs hosted a Spa Day to take Dolores Catania’s mind off her mother’s surgery. Jennifer wasn’t invited because of how badly she’s been treating the other ladies, but like we said, that didn’t stop drama from happening. Teresa lashed out at Margaret and Traci Johnson for constantly interrogating Jennifer about her husband’s past. Teresa said Jennifer’s dealing with enough, so the ladies need to mind their own business.

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And she was right — while the ladies came together for a Spa Day, Jennifer met up with her brother to talk about her husband and their marital issues. Jennifer revealed that she finally told her mom about Bill’s affair, and to be honest, her mom was more mad at Margaret for exposing the affair than she was at Bill for committing adultery. According to Jennifer, her mom seemed to shrug off cheating as a regular occurrence in Turkish marriages. This was also when Jennifer told her brother about Bill’s concerns regarding therapy. She also said that if he doesn’t put effort into fixing their marriage, it may not end well for them. She said she’s been “questioning” her marriage because of it, and she’s currently “suffering”.

“It was one thing living through it privately,” Jennifer told Steven. “Now that it’s out there and I have to be forced to deal with it, it’s really hard.”

Steven told Jennifer that she “still [has] anger” issues and is “dealing with stuff” she should have initially handled when Bill’s cheating originally occurred.

Jennifer agreed. She said, “I don’t want to be married 50 years with him and then think that my life passed me by.” And in her private confessional, she hinted that her marriage may end in the near future. “I don’t think it’s fair for anybody to stay in a relationship where they’re not happy. I’m questioning my marriage, the trust we have for each other and that’s scary for me,” she said.

Oh, Luis and Teresa also celebrated their one-year anniversary on a boat with a private saxophone player. She gave him a bracelet, and he told her 20 reasons why he loves her — one of which was that he loves her voice, and how “honest” she is. Margaret made a joke about Luis just liking that she doesn’t question his troublesome past, and we couldn’t help but chuckle. If we’re being honest, she makes a good point.

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