Riff Raff Unleashes New Electrifying ‘Lilac Lightning’ Single Ahead Of New Tour

After unleashing some tasty tracks, Riff Raff switches up the flavors with a little bit of ‘Lilac Lightning,’ and he shares how his upcoming tour will give fans something ‘they have never heard before.’

Check the forecast because Riff Raff is about to make it rain. Nearly one year after the iconic rapper released his TURQUOiSE TORNADO album, he summons forth a storm like Thor, dropping down some “Lilac Lightning” on his fans. In the song, premiering on HollywoodLife, the rapper — also known as Jody Highroller — joins Cash Motivated to spit alongside a haunting trap beat. Riff Raff spends his verse name-checking Billy Blanks, Chuck Norris, Zack Morris while delivering the next song you’ll hear on repeat at the club.

Jody Highroller · Lilac Lightning [CM – SSLMASTER 14Feb 2022] V1

Or, you might hear it when you see Riff Raff in person. Days before releasing his new single, Riff Raff announced The Lilac Lightning Tour. Kicking off on March 16 in Dallas, Texas, the tour sees Riff Raff head west before circling up north and back down south again. “I can’t wait to hit the road this spring on The Lilac Lightning Tour, to get back on the road and perform for my fans,” Riff Raff tells HollywoodLife. “This is going to be a special tour for me as I’m going to be bringing out a full live band with me to give fans a chance to hear some of my classic songs like they have never heard before, as well as dive into new music I have been working on.”

“I’ve also partnered with ACTIV-8 to bring some ‘Lilac Lightning’ into people’s lives with my custom flavored Delta 8 shots,” adds Riff Raff. The Lilac Lightning Tour is sponsored by ACTIV-8, a Delta 8 company, and these customed Delta-8 shots will be sold on tour in legal markets.

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“Lilac Lightning” continues the momentum Riff Raff has maintained since his debut in the early 2000s. In 2021, he dropped TURQUOiSE TORNADO, the latest in his lengthy discography filled with such alliterative names as Peach Panther, Aquaberry Aquarius, Alcoholic Alligator, Tangerine Tiger, PiNK PYTHON, and The White West. He also has the whole flavor motif on lock, with Vanilla Gorilla, Teriyaki Tidal Wave, and CRANBERRY VAMPiRE. One will get a chance to taste the rainbow when Riff Raff comes to your town this spring.

Source: Hollywood Life

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