Scottie Scheffler Kisses Wife Meredith While Celebrating Masters Win: Photos

After Scottie Scheffler won the Masters on April 10, his wife, Meredith, joined him on the course to celebrate with a kiss.

Scottie Scheffler was crowned champion of the Masters on April 10, and his wife, Meredith Scudder, was there proudly cheering him on. After Scottie won the major golf tournament Meredith joined him on the course to celebrate. Meredith jumped into Scottie’s arms and gave him a huge hug and kiss as he got emotional over the victory. Meredith looked stunning in a floral sundress, with her hair pulled back into a half ponytail.

Scottie Scheffler kisses Meredith Scudder at the Masters. (David J Phillip/AP/Shutterstock)

During the post-Masters press conference, Scottie opened up about how anxious he was about the golf tournament, and said that Meredith was the one who was able to calm him down. He said that he cried on the morning of the finals, but Meredith gave him some helpful words of wisdom. “What we talked about is that God is in control,” Scottie said. “The Lord is leading me. If I shot 82 today, I was going to use it for His glory. The Lord has given me a skill and I’m trying to use it for His glory.”

After Scottie won the Masters, he also got a congratulatory message from Tiger Woods, who competed in the tournament, as well. “I didn’t play my best out there, but just to have the support and appreciation from all the fans, I don’t think words can describe that,” Tiger tweeted. “Congratulations to Scottie Scheffler on an outstanding win. It’s been a special run.”

scottie scheffler meredith scudder
Scottie Sceffler with his wife after winning the Masters. (David J Phillip/AP/Shutterstock)

Scottie and Meredith have been married since December 2020. The two met in high school in Texas, and continued to date through college, despite attending different schools. Scottie went to the University of Texas, while Meredith went to Texas A&M. Scottie proposed in June 2020, just six months before they two tied the knot. Meredith is fairly private when it comes to life in the public eye, and even has her Instagram set to Private, so fans have to request to follow her if they want to keep up with her online.

However, she most certainly was in the spotlight after the Masters! This was Scottie’s first Masters win. “I really can’t put into words what it means to win this golf tournament,” he said afterwards. Scottie is currently the No. 1 golfer in the world.

Source: Hollywood Life

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