See Bashir Reunite With His Fiancée in Transplant First Look

Dr. Bashir Hamed never saw this coming.

E! News can exclusively reveal a first look at the season two premiere of NBC’s Transplant, airing Mar. 6. The emotional preview picks up right where the shocking season one finale cliff-hanger left off.

Bash (played by Hamza Haq) is stunned when his former fiancée Rania shows up in the lobby of the hospital where he works. He hasn’t seen her since fleeing Syria five years ago and believed she was dead.

“How did this happen?” a nearly speechless Bash says in the clip. “And when? And how?”

Bash’s little sister Amira is also present and asks, “Does this mean you two can still get married?”

“How long have you known we were here?” Bash asks Rania, who replies, “Since you came.”

Bash adds, “But you let me think you were dead for five years.”

Rania tells Bash “there’s so much to tell you” before he gets called into the E.R. by another doctor.

Proud of her former love, Rania tells Bash with a smile, “Look at where you are, Bashir.”

Source: Eonline

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