See How This 14-Particular person TikTok Household Retains Their Storage Organized

Need help keeping your family organized? Allow the Doughertys, a family of 14, to offer some advice.

Alicia Dougherty—who shares 12 kids, lovingly referred to as the “Dougherty Dozen,” with her husband Josh Dougherty—recently gave fans a tour of the family’s garage on TikTok and explained how they keep everything so tidy.

“One issue we have as a large family is a lack of storage,” she said in the Oct. 12 video. “So we decided to utilize the garage with extra shelves for food, four extra fridge freezers, a shelf for bottled water, a shelf for sodas, a hang-up system for bikes and room for all their Power Wheels.”

But that’s not all. “We recently got 12 lockers so that each kid has their own space to keep their coats, jackets, backpacks and all of their shoes,” the content creator continued. “And that’s how we help keep our house organized with 12 kids.”

And fans of the video—which has already racked up more than 836,000 views—were blown away. “The lockers are such a great idea,” one commenter wrote. Added another, “The organization is impressive.”

Source: Eonline