See Kelly Clarkson React to Colin Farrell’s OMG Penguin Transformation

There’s no missing a moment like this.
In the upcoming flick The Batman, set for release on Mar. 4, Colin Farrell takes center stage for the supervillain role of the Penguin. However, it isn’t just his acting chops that have everyone, including Kelly Clarkson, doing a double take.  In fact, Colin’s costume transformation was enough to make Kelly stand upright in utter shock during the actor’s March 3 appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

“Wait, WHAT?” Kelly said as she jumped up after seeing a picture of Colin in character. “I didn’t see that picture, oh my god. I just heard that you were Penguin. What the hell?” Referring to the movie’s makeup artist, she added, “That person deserves to win awards.”
To be more than fair to Kelly, after seeing the photograph—her reaction is downright relatable considering Colin is unrecognizable as the mobster boss. We’re talking way more than just wardrobe, since his look includes slicked back hair and facial prosthetics fit for—well, a villain.

Source: Eonline

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