See the Heartfelt Video Kevin Hart Sent Traci Braxton Before Her Death

The 42-year-old comedian also shared some words of encouragement. “I want to tell you that my prayers are with you,” he continued. “I want to tell you to be strong, I want to tell you to stay positive, and I want to tell you that you have an amazing family and support system around you that are doing their best to just try to keep you positive, uplift you in every way possible. I hope this video does that in some type of way. My prayers are with you and, more importantly, my heart is smiling because of you. Thank you so much.”

After seeing Toni’s post, Kevin took to the comments section to express his condolences. “Sending so many prayers to you & ur family,” he wrote. “I’m extremely sorry for ur lost. God bless all of u.”

Source: Eonline

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