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Shawn Johnson and Mallory Ervin’s Bond Will Have You Calling Your BFF

For those on the hunt for a squad of their own, Ervin offers this simple test. 

“When you talk to that person and you get off the phone, did you feel better about what you called them about, or do you feel worse?” she explained. “I think, as an adult, you have to reassess your friends. You don’t have time for this vast friend group, and you have to pick the people who are going to help you live a good life, who are going to make you feel better about yourself. I always encourage people to really keep those friends in your life who are supporting you and who want the best for you.” 

For her, that’s Johnson, the BFF who’s always known Ervin was pregnant well before she announced, who has walked by her side through each stage of life. (Including, perhaps, a return to The Amazing Race, the two down to team up on the CBS hit.) 

“There is some weird connection between Mallory and I,” Johnson surmised, the two recalling how people even tell them they look alike. “We’re meant to be.” Agreed Ervin, “I know we were! We’re meant to be.”

Source: Eonline

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