Shawn Johnson Reveals the Inventive Concept She Has for Her Child’s Nursery

If Shawn Johnson were to score her baby prep, she would likely make several deductions. 

As a seasoned parent to daughter Drew, 3, and son Jett, 2, the Olympic gymnast admitted in an exclusive interview with E! News that, with this pregnancy, she’s gotten “so much more lax to the point where I started to panic because I haven’t done anything.”

Her first go-round, continued Shawn, calling in from her and husband Andrew East‘s babymoon getaway, “you become so over prepared. And then with every kid, it’s like, ‘Oh, I know I still have that stuff. And we’ll figure it out when they get here.'” But having given away most of her baby gear to a mom’s charity near their Nashville home, “I’ve got diapers!” she said, ticking off the supplies she’s accumulated thus far. “I should probably start putting some stuff together.” 

One prenatal task she has nailed, though, is dreaming up a nursery for her December arrival. 

Source: Eonline

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