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If you love the hydration and smoothness from SiO’s iconic silicone patches, take your self-care to the next level with this set, which has five patches: one BrowLift, one set of Super EyeLift patches, and one set of SmileLift patches. They are all reusable up to 10 times. E! shoppers can save 40% with the promo code DAILYPOP40 at checkout.

A fan gushed, “These reusable patches are everything! You’ll have healthy and smoother looking skin after the first use and then it continues to just get better with each use.”

Another person declared, “A must in your daily routine! I wear mine to sleep, skin is smooth and supple in the morning. Visible change in smoothed crows feet, fine lines smoothed out. The texture of the wrinkles changes,. I was a sceptic but I’ve used them and you see immediate results. I’m a squinter and this has helped my eyes look 5 years younger. Obsessed.”

Source: Eonline

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