Stranger Things Creators Promise Answers In Expanded Season 4

Prepare to be Upside Down no more!

After almost three years since last season, Stranger Things fans can rest assured that some clarity is on the horizon.

“We didn’t know how big the season was going to get, and we didn’t even realize until we were about halfway through, just in terms of how much story we wanted to tell this season,” co-creator Ross Duffer said during Deadline‘s Contenders Television panel April 10. “Game of Thrones is one thing we’ve referenced, but also for us really what it’s about is revelations, in that we really wanted to start giving the audience some answers.”

Matt Duffer, Ross’ brother and the show’s co-creator, revealed that season four, which starts streaming May 27 on Netflix, will take viewers on an expanded journey.

“I don’t think we have an episode clocking in under an hour. Even in season one there were episodes that were like 35 minutes. You kind of forget that,” Matt argued. “This season, they’re very long. I think it’s almost double the length of any season. So that’s one reason it’s taken so long. It does have this sort of epic quality to it. It’s a different feel, for sure.”

Source: Eonline

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