Super Pumped Stars Promise Series Is Going to Be “Revelatory”

In a world where information is at our fingerprints, Kyle Chandler and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are asking how much we really know about the technology we use every day.

It’s this question that drew the actors to the Showtime’s upcoming anthology series Super Pumped, which details the rise and fall of Uber founder Travis Kalanick and explores the ride-share app’s impact on society.

Gordon-Levitt—who plays the disgraced CEO—was fascinated by Kalanick’s success, despite all his shortcomings. “He made billions of dollars,” the actor explained in an interview with E! News. “Why is our system rewarding that? Why doesn’t our system reward companies that are looking out for everybody’s well-being?”

He acknowledged that Super Pumped specifically pertains to the tech world, but asserted, “This isn’t just Silicon Valley, this is how our system works right now. And I’m glad you’re asking me about it because it’s something we ought to be talking about because we’re driving off a cliff unless we can change that.”

And while the real-life story of Kalanick, as well as Chandler’s character, Bill Gurley who was an Uber board member, played out in the news, it’s hard to grasp how influential Uber was on society—at least, until you see Super Pumped.

Source: Eonline

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