Taylor Swift’s Nod to Keke Palmer’s “Karma” Video Is a Vibe Like That

Karma is…you know, what? Allow Keke Palmer to explain.

The actress recently shared her thoughts on Taylor Swift‘s song “Karma,” and let’s just say, she’s a fan of the Midnights hit. 

“Y’all, I need y’all to get into these lyrics because mama didn’t play,” she said in a May 27 Instagram video that showed her rocking out to the track in her car. “Karma is me getting everything I want. You understand?”

If not, allow Keke to elaborate.

“Karma is my cat laying in my lap because it loves me. I’m that girl,” she continued while reciting the lyrics. “For anybody that’s ever tried you, anybody that tried to get away with hurting you, taking advantage, you get the last laugh. You know why? Because karma is on your side, sweetie. I’m still here.”

Indeed, the Nope star couldn’t shake off the lyrics.

“Don’t worry about your enemies, y’all,” she told her followers while jamming to the words, “they’re gonna be taken care of.”

Source: Eonline

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