Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed Knew About Nate’s Betrayal All Alongside

If you believe one thing about Ted Lasso, know that everything is done with intention.

Nick Mohammed, who plays former AFC Richmond assistant coach-turned-rival Nathan Shelley, shared that revelation while discussing his character’s villainous transformation in season two. 

“I knew quite early,” he exclusively told E! News of Nate’s villainous turn on Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), “from when we’re filming season one. Jason had pretty much, broadly speaking, outlines for Nate in seasons one, two and three. So I’ve always known where it’s heading.”

And, he couldn’t have been more on board with Nate’s journey. He said, “As an actor, you relish that opportunity to be trying something different.”

But, he was still nervous about the viewer reaction to Nate’s betrayal of quitting AFC Richmond and joining rival team West Ham United: “I anticipated that this wouldn’t sit nicely with some of the fans of the show.”

Still, the ground work for him to become the antagonist was established in the early seasons. 

Source: Eonline

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